Link Up 

Link up is a program of Carnegie Hall’s Weill Music Institute which partners with local orchestras, schools and communities to explore orchestral repertoire and fundamental musical skills, including creative work and composition, through a hands-on, year long music curriculum.  All fourth grade students will attend a culminating concert event where they will sing and play the recorder with the Holland Symphony from their seats.  

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Knowledge introduced through Link Up:

  1. Learn the repertoire presented at the culminating concert.
  2. Learn the fundamental concepts of music and engage in creative activities through a deeper exploration of the ideas and themes of the Link Up repertoire.
  3. Become familiar with the different instruments and sections of the orchestra.
  4. Develop the basics of singing and playing an instrument including breath control, posture, blending, rhythm, and melody.


2021-2022 Curriculum

We will present the “Orchestra Sings” curriculum that explores how composers create great melodies. All curriculum activities are aligned with current national learning standards and Common Core capacities.

Teacher Resources:

2020 Link Up Teacher Training PDF

How To Use Sound Slice

The program provides:

  • Link Up Curriculum guide for each teacher with accompanying audio and video resources.
  • Link Up resources for students
  • Professional development resources and webinar for lead teachers and administrators
  • Access to Carnegie Hall’s online resources, including additional lessons and interactive classroom activities
  • The culminating interactive concert presenting a majority of the Link Up repertoire, featuring an orchestra, conductor, and participating Link Up students.
  • Teacher recruitment and direct support including a professional development workshop.
  • Program related needs, both artistic and administrative.

The local participating schools will provide and fund:

  • Music teachers or classroom teachers that conduct music classes
  • Recorders
  • Bus transportation to the concert (grant assistance is available)
  • Time in class and curriculum preparation. The teacher designs their own specific lesson plans.
  • Approximately 1 hour of the participating teacher’s time for a mandatory training workshop.

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Highlights from our first Link Up concerts which took place in March of 2019.