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Spring HSYO Audition Dates:

Saturday, May 2 starting at 9am…Call office to reserve a time.  Stay tuned for possible cancellations due to Covid-19 virus.

Holland Area Junior Strings (HAJS) 

This group is a beginning string group which does not require an audition although advance registration is required.  Students are expected to have at least one year of playing experience and will be conducted by Kyle Nester.  Click on the Youth Orchestra tab above for more information.

Holland Area Concert Strings (HACS)

This group is an exciting option for intermediate string students.  This group is perfect for the student who is ready for more than Junior Strings, but not yet ready for the Youth Orchestra.  Kyle Nester will instruct this group and will focus on developing advanced skills such as three-octave scales, developing vibrato, and more advanced ensemble playing.

NEW Audition Requirements for HACS:

NO memorization required
Violin: Major: D (2 octaves), C (2 octaves), Chromatic scale staring on G (2 octaves)
Viola: Major: G (2 octaves), F (2 octaves), Chromatic scale starting on C (2 octaves)
Cello: Major: G (2 octaves), F (2 octaves), Chromatic scale starting on C (2 octaves)
Bass: Major: E (2 octaves), F (2 octaves), Chromatic scale starting on A (1 octave)
ALL STRINGS: 2-3 minutes of a solo or etude

Holland Area Youth Orchestra (HAYO)

Auditions will be held for openings in wind, brass and percussion as well as students new to the area in Room 106 at the Midtown Center, 96 W. 16th St, Holland.  Please call the HSO office at 616-796-6780 for questions regarding auditions or to schedule a 5-minute audition time.

NEW Audition Requirements for HAYO:  

Violin: Major: G (3 octaves), A (3 octaves), Melodic Minor: G (3 octaves)
Viola: Major: C (3 octaves), D (3 octaves), Melodic Minor: C (3 octaves)
Cello: Major Scales: C (3 octaves), D (3 octaves), Melodic Minor Scales: C (3 octaves)
Bass: Major Scales: E (2 octaves), F (2 octaves), Melodic Minor Scales: E (2 octaves)
Flute: Bb, D (2 octaves)
Oboe: C (2 octaves) F (1 octave)
Clarinet: F,  C (2 octaves)
Bassoon: G, F (2 octaves)
Horn: C, F (1 octave)
Trumpet: G, (2 octaves), D (1 octave)
Trombone: F (2 octaves) D (1 octave)
Tuba: F,  D (1 octave)
Snare drum: 2-3 minutes of an etude or solo (concert or rudimental)
Timpani: Demonstrate a timpani roll for 8 beats at 60 bpm (pp < ff >) tuned to an A
Xylophone/Marimba: F, Eb (2 octaves)
ALL INSTRUMENTS: 2-3 minutes of a solo or etude

Junior Strings wishing to audition for HAYO or the new group, HACS, must audition in the spring not the fall.  String students not yet ready for the level of difficulty of HAYO music will be referred to Junior Strings or Concert Strings.  Students wishing to join Junior Strings do NOT need to audition but do need to send in the application/fee and meet the requirements of one year of experience to participate.

Fill out an application for HAYO, HACS & HAJS here!

Spring 2020 Auditions will be held May 2, 2020 at Midtown Center.  Some school auditions will be announced for selected schools.  Dates/places posted soon.

Call the HSYO/HSO office at 616-796-6780 to sign up for an audition time or to receive further information.  You may fill out an application by clicking on the link above.  Please fill out the application prior to your audition.

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